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CEO Message

The achievements of Roofline Pvt. Ltd. over the short period made us possible to gain the recognition in the construction industry to the level expected, We know that the waterproofing requirement is an inevitable necessity to mankind ever since been proven by Babylon’s in the years 2800 BC. by using asphalt for their palaces, we are carrying out the same responsibility with the quality product along with innovation and dedication to research and development. this is a result that we strive to make the norms. We are planning to promote effective commercial and technical support to the building industry.

Mehzooz Ali Mansoori

Director Sales Message

Starting off with just a handful of workers in 1995. today Roofline Group of Companies operates steadfastly and successfully set up its footprint throughout Pakistan, thanks to a long-term, sustainable relationship of cooperation, confirms client satisfaction. Our utmost dedication to coordination and cooperation of Architects, Consultants, Clients and Contractors for the trust and services provided. Our offering in the waterproofing area is expanding and helping to alleviate the quality of life. The commitment of our employees has also been a driving force in our success  is proud of and RGC is grateful for this support.

Amanullah Qureshi

Our Team



R&D Technicals

Sales & Marketing